Senior PHP Developer

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Job description

We are looking for an experienced, versatile, and solution-oriented top developer who will help us elevate our platform, products, and code to the next level. The challenges we face require truly innovative thinking and real team effort.


Here’s a list of skills we expect you to bring to your role as a Senior PHP Developer at Target Circle:

  • 3+ years of experience in developing high traffic applications using PHP (5.x - 7.x) and Symfony framework
  • Experience in developing high quality, structured, and responsive applications using JavaScript and Angular framework
  • Experience with GIT
  • Experience in working with SCRUM
  • Experience with Continuous Integration
  • Ability to conduct code reviews
  • Good language skills in English

Bonus skills

  • Higher education in ICT or similar areas
  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Experience with AWS & Hetzner
  • Familiarity with containers and Docker
  • Experience with Linux system administration

Recruitment process

Here are the stages of the recruitment process that you will undergo:

  1. Please send your CV/Linkedin profile & portfolio to
  2. Entry interview with our recruiter (Skype or phone).
  3. Technical interview with a Senior Developer from our team (Skype or in person).
  4. Conversation with a Senior Team Member (Skype or phone).
  5. Individual feedback + decision (Skype or phone).